LogNow.eu - simple web project


How to keep my stuff in one place?

Every time I try to do some internet things I was scared by number of sites open. How to sit at the machine, log in and do everything now in one place? So I decided learn script language and build special backended site with my domains.

I've selected LogNow with .eu extension. It's ideal for my project. Now I will be able to log and work, just now. Great. Let's make some lines of code

In fact, this is one of my first projects. For now LogNow suits me fine. I have big presentation of my stuff in one place. I can handle it much faster and serv my information to others. I hope clients :)

However, maybe You have a good idea for this site? Imagine, blogs.lognow.eu, box,lognow.eu, ocassion.lognow.eu and many other. It may bo for sale.

LogNow presents you:
- my european domains. Working, and good sounded
- my domains .pl. Polish names also working with full hosting
- my projects and working sites

Also it is used to links my firends sites and partners. My first basic tool for optymalization, share links and presents more details about my domain.

To help myself much more I'll be write here st like blog. it will be only about this site. about my PHP skills, scripts and technology. Daily notes to remember what I've done before. It's open for everybody. Link here.

How to value websites?

Webmasters offten wonder how to value their websites. What kind of tool is able to do that? Well, try to use Websiterate to see ranks, rates and website worth. It's showing Pagerank, Alexa rank, bounce rate, domain authority and lots of stats. It's working fast and it's simple to use.

After checking a url, Siterate.top gives a link to your page. In fact this is a free seo tool - one of these creating backlinks.